Tempered Glass Screen Protector is designed for the iPhone 13 with minimal bells and whistles, but nails the core functionality.Lentur tidak seperti tempered glass - Sama sekali tidak mengganggu penampilan layar.

Welcome to our iPhone Screen Protector website where you will find one of the largest selections of Apple iPhone cases, iPhone pouches, and iPhone Screen Protectors. We carry only the highest quality cases available. This means our cases are not only highly functional and durable; they're stylish as well. Many cases we sell are handmade using the finest leather, or crafted using high quality PU Leather for an extra level of Apple iPhone protection.

Apple’s new iPhone will definitely make waves in the gaming market. For the gamer much of its appeal lies in its color display and user-friendly features. It is only 1.5 pounds and only half an inch thick. Apple has been the Bridesmaid in gaming and is using iPhone heavily to break into it. Ads for iPod Touch promote It’s utility in the gaming world, using your fingers certainly seems cool. It is clear that gaming will be a big component of the iPhone.

See where Apple is going within the gaming world. At the iPhone launch Apple invited cutting edge game developer GameLoft up on the main stage to show off one of their new games called Nova. Nova is a new first-person shooter game. The impressive thing for gamers is GameLoft reportedly built in under two weeks. So Apple is aiming for the cool we want it now market.
    Stay in practice and keep in vogue as apps that you are familiar with from the iTunes store will also play on the iPhone. They will be more games added here, during the launch a snowmobiling game called Snowcross was featured.
    Apple has added a new SDK to the iPhone. This will allow gaming developers to take fully take advantage of the iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities. Further more games that take advantage of the built in accelerometer will likely put it right up there. Don’t forget all those networking capabilities that Mac lovers are fond of. Get your game on iPhone!


Purchasing the new iPhone is only the first investment a consumer must make. Investing in a good quality iPhone screen protector should be top priority. People are buying cases and screen protectors now before even receiving their iPhone. The main reason is many companies offering good quality iPhone screen protectors are being being sold out! Without proper protection, this expensive little device should not ever leave the home! Why own one if you can’t use it?

    Judging by the statistics of pre-orders, the iPhone is in extremely high demand. This demand has launched an equal demand for good iPhone protectors like screen protectors and cases. Where do you find a top quality screen protectors?
    Look for reviews online: Look at reviews of iPhone screen protectors from non-biased consumers. Look on forums and even ask your friends on social media if they have heard of good screen protectors. Referral marketing from people you know, generally is the best type of advice to take.
    Look at companies selling iPhone screen protectors: Look online at company reviews. Look up screen protector companies and look for sections on their web site that allows consumers to review their product.
    Products to stay away from: Stay away from the screen protectors that you can buy for a dollar from china. As some may be ok protection, other protectors can be torn with bare hands. Just don’t take the chance. If you found reviews on a good screen protector but it costs a little bit more, spend the extra money. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing that you probably bought a higher quality screen protector.

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